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FIVE1 Software

We have made it our mission to revolutionize your frontends. True to our company motto "Happy people, awesome results", we believe that users with appealing frontends work with more joy.

As a certififed SAP partner, we offer intelligent software solutions that we understand as bridges to your standard SAP programs. Our products are used in various sectors of industry and trade, and are constantly improved by our team of experts. With our proven in praxis software, we are able to guarantee that your business processes are optimized.


Hero Helpers for your planning

FIVE1 DM5 not only optimizes your company planning, but also pushes boundaries: Do without your IT-department and become more independent, while saving valuable time and resources in the process.

FIVE1 DM5 is a versatile tool for your company planning: Whether you wish for an easy handling of your master data, an uncomplicated and flexible planning of your investments, or a forms-driven data entry: DM5 offers all these and many more options in just one product.

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Thanks to the completely new and highly flexible interface of SAP Lumira / Design Studio to SAP ABAP-stack, you may not only improve every step of data communication between frontend and backend, but also drastically increase the user experience in the frontend. The modern design of the HTML5 user interface makes it intuitive, so that you may maintain and edit any SAP table directly from SAP Lumira/Design Studio without requiring works in the backend or your IT department. This saves resources, and equally important, time. Finally, you may also collect data and maintain master data in the same mask without annoying jumps and discontinuities. Use comfort functions like input-format definitions, reloading or commenting directly in the grid – just to name a few highlights. If you choose FIVE1 DM5, the product will be ready to use immediately after import into your SAP system.

Five1 CSX

Great results thanks to cooperation and knowledge transfer

Numbers may reflect precisely the facts in controlling or planning processes, but they do not deliver any insights, causes or measures. Make more of your data with Five1 CSX and add some manual intelligence to your information, like helpful comments or additional information that is not yet contained in the system. By combining systematically determined and manually registered information, decisions become comprehensible and deviations explainable. Last but not least, FIVE1 CSX helps you to establish a coherent perspective on key data across the company.


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FIVE1 CSX adds a variety of new functions to each SAP standard table, info chart, graphomate chart and graphomate tile. There is no need to adapt existing scripts or change components – and you don't have to adapt your data model in your applications either! Format your texts in any way, shape or form imaginable.

All information on a respective context are centrally stored in the SAP Business Warehouse, either in a dedicated area or right next to your data. FIVE1 CSX automatically identifies the correct key combinations. Even query structures, like restricted key figures and BEx variables, are identified and evaluated. FIVE1 CSX supports the separation of compounded objects, with some few limitations. Some minimal customizing allows you to use the comments in all other SAP frontend tools as well.


We developed FIVE1 NSE to make your everyday work life easier. Thanks to the user-defined table drilldown one mouse click is enough to create various views for a single report. Not only does it make your reporting easier, it also saves you some valuable time. Kick it up a notch and use this intelligent software solution to directly get to work - without time-consuming navigation. Structure and group characteristics and key figures in a way that makes sense. You will soon find that lengthy and cumbersome searches belong to the past.